best truck stop in Ohio

The Best Truck Stops in Ohio

It can be difficult to search for the best truck stops in Ohio while on the road.

Prepare in advance with a go-to list so you can plan to eat, refuel, or take a break at truck stops that are well-received by your fellow truckers. After all, some truck stops are better for passenger drivers rather than big rig truckers.

Here’s our shortlist of the best truck stops in Ohio.

Choosing the Best Truck Stops in Ohio

In order to choose the best truck stops in the Buckeye State, we gathered data based on specific features.

In our opinion, all great truck stops offer:

  • truck parking
  • competitively priced diesel
  • showers
  • Wi-Fi
  • cleanliness

After all, truck drivers utilize truck stops as their home away from home, which means they require certain baseline services to keep them comfortable while over the road.

For this list, we also looked at the amenities offered by various truck stops in Ohio, such as truckers’ lounges and walking trails. Also, truck stops with good diesel prices ranked high on the list. Other features that bumped some of these truck stops to the top of the list include great food options.

So without further ado, here are the best truck stops in Ohio.

1. TA — Lodi, Ohio

At the Travel Center of America in Lodi, Ohio, aka TA Lodi, you will find everything you could want or need as a truck driver.

Located off I-71 at Exit 209, the TA Lodi has showers, a pet area and walking trail, and Stay Fit basketball hoop out back. For truckers in need of servicing, there’s a maintenance shop offering alignment and tire services.

If your cab is starting to smell funny, take advantage of the laundry room.

When it is time to grab a bite to eat you have ton of options. For starters, there is a full-service restaurant open 24/7, Country Pride, Popeye’s, Burger King, and even a Starbucks.

If you are staying over for the weekend, check out the truckers’ lounge where they offer access to DirecTV NFL Sunday. Ministry services and Wi-Fi access are also offered at TA Lodi.

2. Pilot Travel Center — Franklin, Ohio

All Pilot Travel Centers aren’t created equal. However, the one in Franklin, Ohio — just south of Dayton — deserves a shout out. For starters, this truck stop is easy to get to for truckers via I-75 and the diesel prices are competitive.

Truck drivers can get everything they need including showers, truck parking, entertainment in a gaming lounge, and laundry facilities.

Keep in mind there isn’t a TV lounge for watching the weekly game. However, the restrooms are kept clean, the shelves are well-stocked, and the people who work here have a friendly and helpful attitude.

This Pilot Travel Center has a Pizza Hut and Subway on site for hot food options, along with an excellent coffee and fountain drink selection.

3. Sam’s Truck Stop — Toledo, Ohio

Located in the heart of Toledo, this truck stop has truck parking, an ATM, a Subway restaurant, and plenty of well-stocked shelves.

It also boasts Sam’s Deli, which offers to-go meals when Subway is closed for the evening. Chicken, hot dogs, gyros, and corned beef are some of Sam’s Deli’s most popular selections.

While Sam’s Truck Stop doesn’t have the largest truck parking lot and is equipped with only four diesel pumps, the store is open 24/7, which is a great convenience for truck drivers. Furthermore, the customer service provided at Sam’s Truck Stop is regarded as one of the best.

4. Love’s Travel Stop — Zanesville, Ohio

For truckers crossing Ohio on I-70, consider stopping at the Love’s Travel Stop in Zanesville, Ohio, which is open around the clock.

Although a little smaller than most Love’s, it has an accommodating staff and immaculate, affordable showers.

Also on site are a truck scale and a garage, including tire service.

5. Circleville Plaza — Circleville, Ohio

Sometimes a trucker needs to do some shopping and relaxing, and a basic truck stop isn’t enough. Get away from the typical truck stop fare and explore Circleville Plaza in Circleville, Ohio, at the intersection of state highways 22 and 23.

The main store here is a Walmart Supercenter, which offers free overnight parking for truck drivers without harassment. At Walmart, you can stock up on groceries, personal care products, and clothes.

There’s also a Dollar Tree, Maurices and Shoe Show in the plaza. For dining options, check out Buffalo Wild Wings, Bob Evans or Wendy’s.

What Do You Think Are the Best Truck Stops in Ohio?

Now that you know where to find the best truck stops in Ohio, choose one that best meets your needs and suits your route. Once you’ve visited, come back and let us know if we’ve hit the mark by leaving a comment.

And if you have any Ohio truck stops that you’d like to add to the list, please let us know with a comment! We’re always looking for more truck stops in Ohio to recommend to our drivers.