Gifts for Your Spouse

Great Gifts for Your Spouse When You’ve Been Over the Road

When you have been over the road for a week or two, coming back home is a huge deal for you and your loved ones.

Specifically, your spouse has dealt with life alone for the time you’ve been out. He or she deserves something special for the support and patience you’ve demanded of them with your trucking job.

Plus, it always helps to ease the tension of being away from each other for a while when you come bearing gifts.

Show your significant other that you have thought of them while you were away at work by bringing them something special. Here’s a list of great gifts for your spouse to get you started. Most of these items can be found at truck stops across the nation.

Gifts for Women

If you are shopping for a woman, you want to find something that she will truly like. For wives that are difficult to shop for, consider something you can get for her along your route.

Collectibles and Souvenirs

These gifts are ingenious options if you are looking for gifts for your spouse. After all, at most every truck stop you will find keepsakes, such as:

  • State spoons
  • Shot glasses
  • Coffee mugs from truck stops
  • State pins and brooches
  • Magnets in the shape of states
  • Ornaments for your Christmas tree
  • Postcards
  • Thimbles for women who like to sew or knit

The glory in these is that once you find a type of collectible that your wife likes, you know what to look for when you go to buy them a gift during each trip.

Of course, the key here will be to find a new version of a collectible in each state you visit. Therefore, this gift idea is best suited for over the road truck drivers who venture across many state lines throughout their weeks on the job.

If you have been to the same state many times and have purchased all of the varieties of a souvenir, such as all of the spoons they have in that state, branch out with these ideas:

  • A bottle of wine. Many alcohol-friendly states have started marketing local vineyards at truck stops; keep in mind that you must store wine in your luggage — in the store bag with the seal intact — in order to prevent yourself from getting in trouble during a truck inspection.
  • Gourmet foods that are shelf stable, such as gourmet popcorns in wacky flavors or homemade chocolates.
  • T-shirts, which are available at most any truck stop. You can choose shirts based on the state, region or whatever fashion trend your wife is into at the moment.

Gifts for Men

Shopping for your husband while over the road is almost as difficult as shopping for women. Since you can’t exactly pull into a shopping mall parking lot without getting a ticket (or losing valuable trucking time), you want to stick with items you can buy at truck stops. Here are some items that most husbands would love to get:

Sweatshirts and Hats

As some of the most popular types of clothing worn by males, these are thankfully easy to find at almost all large-scale truck stops.

CB Radios and Accessories

Make communicating with your husband fun whenever you are in range. These gift options are also fun because they can help your husband feel like he’s a part of the trucking world while you are away.

Tool Kits and Specialty Tools

Especially around the holidays, truck stops boost their stock to supply truck drivers with the most-wanted gifts for their needs, which include general tool kits and specialty truckers’ tools.

Shot Glasses

This is the one souvenir that most men will appreciate getting from all of the states you visit.

Motorcycle-Themed Items

Truck stops are a favorite place for motorcycle riders passing through. That means you’ll be able to find everything from T-shirts to home decor with motorcycle motifs.

Gifts for Both Men and Women

If none of the above items fit the bill, or if you’ve already tried every option on the list when trying to find gifts for your spouse, you can always go with items that any man or woman will appreciate. All of these items should be readily available at truck stops across the nation.

Smartphones and Smartphone Accessories

Choose these only if you have access to an authorized cell phone dealer at a truck stop, such as Verizon, which will typically be available at a kiosk. Otherwise you are wasting your money on third-party no-name accessories.

DVDs, Audiobooks and CDs

These are sold at most any truck stop and often include hard-to-find classics and old-school favorites.

Magazines and Books

Look for regional favorites, such as books written by local authors. With any luck, you can score a signed copy of a local book, which will be a highlight for any book lover.

Regional Items

Ask the cashier what sort of items they sell that are specific to that region. For example, during the right seasons you can buy freshly shelled pecans in Georgia, seashells in Florida, items made with pheasant feathers from South Dakota, or Native American art from Arizona.

Why Gifts for Your Spouse Are Important

When you’ve been over the road for a while, it’s important to bring home gifts for your spouse. Gifts tell them that you’ve been thinking about them during your travels and also help give them a window into where you’ve been while over the road.

We know, though, truckers are on the clock when driving, making it hard sometimes to think about what gifts for your spouse you want to bring home from your travels. We hope this list has made this important act a little easier — or at least sparked some ideas!