Owner Operator Benefits

Top Pay. Flexible Home Time. New Equipment. Excellent Benefits. Landair. We Make it Just Right.
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Discount & Freebies

We understand the overhead of owning and operating a tractor and offer additional incentives to offset your costs. Owner/operators can purchase fuel at a discounted rate, receive opportunities for tire discounts, and much more to make your Landair experience “just right.” (+) Read More

  • Fuel Discounts
  • Tire Discounts
  • Maintenance Discounts
  • 2 Truck Inspections per year at Landair shop
  • Pay for Q-Comm usage and installation
  • Pay for Plates and permits
  • 50 gallons free fuel on first dispatch
  • Cabin Comforts

    Sometimes it’s the little extras that make the difference. Your cab is your home away from home so we want to make it as comfortable as possible. From free truck washes to EZ-Passes for tollbooths, we want you to feel like a king or queen in your cabin. (+) Read More

  • EZ-Pass
  • Transflo is free
  • Free truck washes (1 per month)
  • Pre-Pass
  • and more...
  • Bonus Pay

    We love rewarding owner/operators for their hard work, which is why we put together extra incentives for our top performers. From paid orientation to pay during a truck breakdown, we never want to leave you financially stranded. (+) Read More

  • Quarterly Safety Bonus
  • Orientation Pay
  • Layover Pay
  • Detention Pay
  • $160 towards paying for Hazmat endorsement
  • Standard Benefits

    Our standard benefits are anything but standard. We listened to owner/operators and put together a driver-specific package that will support you and your family today and tomorrow. If you feel anything is missing, let us know and we’ll try to make it “just right.” (+) Read More

    • Direct Deposit/Paid Weekly
    • Online Payroll

    Performance Awards

    Your loyalty and dedication is appreciated at Landair. We’re proud to offer awards and incentives to owner/operators that put in the extra miles toward reliability, safety, and hard work. From tenure awards to a monthly cleanest truck contest, we try to show our appreciation. (+) Read More

    • Tenure Awards
    • Safety Awards
    • Monthly Cleanest Cab Contest
    • Monthly Best MPG Contest

    Referral Program

    Our referral program is easy money for owner/operators. Tell your friends how much you love driving for Landair and we’ll reward you with up to $500 per qualified referral. We’re always looking for the best company drivers and owner/operators. (+) Read More

    • Referral Bonus – company driver referral-$250 or $500 for an o/o referral

    Professional Development

    Whether this is your first year or you’re a 30-year veteran, we’ll always get you the training you need to advance your career. We want our owner/operators to be experts in the latest technology and safety techniques. If there is a training program you’re interested that isn’t listed, let us know. (+) Read More

    • Free training on elogs
    • Free training on DVIR
    • Free training on Qualcomm
    • Free training on hours of service
    • Free truck inspection training
    • Free safety training
    • Free financial training

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